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Thread: VDFQuery 2.4 beta-1 (VDF 12 only)

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    Sture Andersen Guest

    Default VDFQuery 2.4 beta-1 (VDF 12 only)

    Hello VDFQuery users,

    This is an update to the existing VDFQuery 2.4 beta download (from
    september). The september version may be found here:

    The zip file attached to this message should be unzipped in the AppSrc
    folder of the VDFQuery library download. Doing so means that you now have
    "VDFQuery 2.4 beta-2" on your system.

    Since beta-1 these issues have been addressed:

    + Problem with disappearing radio buttons reported by Pepe Guimarães has
    been fixed.

    + Problem with missing label properties in "Object properies" panel has
    been fixed. (I still think the Studio package parser should recognize
    "#IFDEF IS@WebApp" by default)

    + "Lack of contrast" in Vdfquery selection tab page has been fixed (Wil's

    + Now a VDFQuery report (in WinPrint2 mode) may be cancelled even when in
    a dead sequence (records that are not selected for output) and scanning
    is updated as well. This was already so in VPE mode.

    This has not been addressed:

    - I could not recreate Bob Worsleys "funny busy-box".

    - Allan Kim Eriksen had something in the area of "closing VPE documents".
    Call me at 40597020 if you see this.

    - Anything I may have forgotten.

    If you have had problems with beta-1, try this one and let me know the

    I'll be on an off-line vacation from 10/2 to 20/2 so do not expect answers
    from me in the periode.

    Sture Andersen

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