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    Default Open File Dialog

    Well, it finally bugged me enough that I did something about it.

    I keep adding fields that I have to attach either a filedialog or
    folderdialog in order to allow a user to browse for a file or folder. Every
    time, this means dragging an extra object onto the view and then coding to
    attach them and stuff.

    Well, I have created a selectionlist to simplify the process. Now I can set
    the selectionlist in the datadictionary and forget about it.

    Use the attached code freely. I just made it so it may have a bug or two or
    a feature or 2 I didn't think about... but I thought I was share it anyways.
    Please let me know if you have suggestions.

    David Martinko
    Tracker Systems, Inc.
    Redeemed Software
    Redeemed Hosting

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