Excerpt from VDFQuery 2.3 ReadMe


The vdfq23.zip file contains the source codes and documentation for:

VDFQuery 2.3 (VDFQuery.doc)

VDFQuery is a query tool meant to be integrated into your VDF
application. You may also decide to compile VDFQuery as a stand-alone
program. To do that you should compile dbquery.src.

FastView 10 (FastView.doc)

The FastView program is an alternative to dbExplorer and may be used to
view and change the data in your tables. But it is more than that. You
may compile your DataDictionary classes into the FastView program
thereby making all updates to your database obey your business rules.
Read about it in FastView.doc

VDFGraph 1.4 (VDFGraph.doc)

VDFGraph is a collection of tools for drawing graphics on the screen.
You may compile grdemo.src for a demo of what the routines can do.

DFmatrix 10 for VDF10/11 and DataFlex 3.2 (Dfm.doc)

DFMatrix is a collection of VDF/DF tools. Read Dfm.doc for further

DBQuery.df3 is a stand-alone query program for DF 3.2 (DOS, Unix, Linux)

Things to note about this release:

The packages included do not handle tables the new RowID way. This means
that they will function with "Recnum-enabled tables" which at the time
of writing translates into 100.0% of the applications out there.
"Standard tables" (tables without recnum support, the new way) can not
be handled at this point. Of course this must be fixed some time.

Secondly, everywhere in the packages and the documentation, when
references are made to "arrays", we are talking about the array object
and not the array type that has been implemented as of VDF 11.

This is new in VDFQuery 2.3 compared to 2.2b (August 2004)

* A few syntax errors are fixed to comply with the new stricter
VDF 11 compiler.
* New "in-list" criteria in VDFQuery. Fields may be evaluated
against a list of possible values (like OR'ing).
* Much improved paint procedures in VDFGraph. Screen flickering is
a thing of the past. Contributed by Chris Stammen.
* Error in sorting mechanism for item_property arrays fixed.


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