Hi rfbcorp,

You can find the latest version of DFQ in the download center: https://downloads.dataaccess.com/dow...r-mode-dfq-131

Please note that there is no maintenance on DataFlex 3.x (or older). The 3.x versions date from early 1990 to 2000 and are now thus minimum 24 years old.

I confirm that the 3.x compiler runs fine under DosBox (or vDos). DosBox is not really meant for business apps and more for gaming and asks for a donation. vDos is - as they say - better for applications but also not free of charge but cheap if you need such an emulator. And also note that while it appears to run fine Data Access cannot take responsibility or official support these emulators.

I agree with Marco that for reporting you can nowadays better use DataFlex Reports; a trial version can be found in the download center too. Go to https://downloads.dataaccess.com/dow...er-edition-421