Hi Vincent:

  Case Begin
                   Case (iSibling = -1 and iLevel = 0 and sTableName = "BalancePrueba")   
                     Send SQLFiltroGlobal Conmayor.File_Number True 0 
                     Send SQLFiltroGlobal Terceros.File_Number True 0
                       Set_Attribute DF_DECIMAL_SEPARATOR to (Ascii("."))  
                          Set_Attribute DF_THOUSANDS_SEPARATOR to (Ascii(","))   

I am an apprentice in the web topic, my server has server 2019 and I configure it as administrator, checking the regional configuration, I see that there is a thousands separator with commas (,) and decimal points (.). I understand that I must create a user to run the web, but how to ensure that it runs with the web user and is valid for all those who run the application? If to execute we only enter the URL? Where do I get literature for these configuration procedures?