I'veposted before about the Stusio edit sometimes missing a few ocurences of the target string when doing search amd replace. I might have just narrowed it down for my usage anyway.

I had a moderate length string to be written to csv
Write channel 4 INVMAST.item_no "," invmast.bracelet "," invmast.dial "," transac.tran_date "," transac.rev_date "," transac.ticket "," transac.qty "," transac.cost "," sold "," rcvd "," OH ",started at zero?"
to get a title line I tried to replace ' "," invmast.' with just ','. and then ' "," transac.' with the same ','.
Tried various cobinations before I moved on.

none worked properly, they gave up after 1 or 2 replacements .
Though Codejock++ didn't manage any at all...

I had loads of these to do which is why the laziness, plus, I'm lazy...