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Thread: datetime with milliseconds - Impossible to use!

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    Default datetime with milliseconds - Impossible to use!

    I've just found out that using datetime columns with milliseconds precision is not supported in WEB. Really disappointed. :-(

    Tested in 19.1 ; 23.0 and 24.0 (same results)

    2 major issues:

    1) No class supports editing such values. You can't edit any of it's components, without loosing the decimals milliseconds precision.

    The psMask is only effective to show the value in the forms, but when the form receives the focus, the seconds fractions get "lost" in edit mode.
    If you change any component of it, the decimals are set to 0 when it looses the focus.

    Tested this with regular cWebForm and also with cWebDateForm classes.

    Also tried different combinations of setting/unsetting peDataType to typeDateTime, and psMask "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.fff"

    2) It triggers a field_changed_state to True, even if you don't change anything.

    This is how I first found this out.. Our system has a create_time with ms precision column in one of our tables, and when user was navigating to a view , and doing no changes, they were receiving the alert to save or discard changes message.. Annoying !

    This second issues seems a consequence of the 1st issue above

    It just happens when a datetime with ms precision is different from 0 is naviagated to, and the user places the focus in the form. By just leaving the form or not, if the user cancel navigation and closed the view, it 's prevented by the "Data loos" alert message.

    I consider this a serious limitation.


    Samuel Pizarro
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    Samuel Pizarro

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