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Thread: Removing .prn line numbers

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    Default Removing .prn line numbers

    A number of years ago I had the need to compare two .prn files, one for the current version of my program, the other for an earlier version. This was to try and track down an obscure bug by seeing what the compiled differences were. You can't do this directly because of the line numbers which will always be different. Removing the line numbers though will make it easy to do using your favorite text comparison tool. More recently one of my customer's system guy periodically compares my version of the application against one that he compiles on the customer's server and of course the line numbers don't match. Mostly he's able to do his comparisons without difficulty but on occasion comparing .prn files is required.

    The attached workspace is DF-24 but it will parse .prn files for any version of DF including 64-bit

    Most DF'ers won't need to use this but if you do need it then it's such a time saver. Hope this helps someone somewhere...
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