More info: This happens in 23, but not in 24 - 24 gives an error on SQLExecDirect.

I doubt 23 will get changed, but if you want to see it, drop this button on the Customer view in 23 OE & add a Use cSQLExecutor.pkg line. Do not add an oSQLExecutor object to the app.

            Object oButton1 is a Button
                Set Location to 123 98
                Set Label to 'oButton1'
                Procedure OnClick
                    String sSQL
                    String[][] saResults
                    Integer iSize
                    Move """
                        SELECT * from Customer
                        WHERE Customer_Number = '5'
                        """ to sSQL
                    Get SQLExecDirect of ghoSQLExecutor sSQL to saResults
                    Move (SizeOfArray(saResults)) to iSize