Good morning,

I am using DataFlex 2023 Studio, 64 bit mode on Windows 11. When I open and edit the file in Notepad, all is well. However if I open and edit the file in the Studio, the next time I try and compile I get:

C:\DataFlex Projects\NewMertecIni\Programs\TestDriver64.exeApplication/Workspace error The program cannot run as the following fatal error has occurred while initializing the '' Workspace:

C:\DataFlex Projects\NewMertecIni\Programs\

The Workspace file does not have a path defined for the Data.

Error: 4415

MSG_DOOPENWORKSPACE (6660) - oApplication (43) - at address 28374
MSG_END_CONSTRUCT_OBJECT (459) - oApplication (43) - at address 28406
[start] - at address 74077
Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thank you!