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Dave - Just read a little more on Goldstar's site about the Actian fiasco. Sounds like Actian want to loose an income stream by removing PSQL pieces.
Bill was very helpful, we were on his chat app for about 30 minutes. Eventually he suggested I order a version 15 workgroup licence, even though the official word was that workgroup was finished. The idea being that if they turned me down I'd get version 13 or 14 from Bill's existing stock. Bill said Actian turned down his last order of versions 14 and 15 licences a month or more ago. I haven't checked back but 'significant' price rises were expected too.

They came through though and I got a version 15 workgroup licence for our test server so I'm ok for now. I've been going to move us to MSSQL for years so maybe that's getting closer.