... and always have been.

25 minutes to rebuild the entire DDClassList.

That doesn't get done too often so I suppose I can live with that until I tidy out old garbage, but...

7 minutes to add one empty DD.

And it isn't as if it had to search for the subclass as I seem to have not brought the defaults up to date.

use DataDict.pkg


Class TENDMTCH_DataDictionary is a DataDictionary
    Procedure Construct_Object
        Forward Send Construct_Object
        Set Main_File to TENDMTCH.File_Number

        Set Foreign_Field_Option DD_KEYFIELD DD_NOPUT to True
        Set Foreign_Field_Option DD_KEYFIELD DD_FINDREQ to True
        Set Foreign_Field_Option DD_INDEXFIELD DD_NOPUT to True
        Set Foreign_Field_Option DD_DEFAULT DD_DISPLAYONLY to True


Any chance of time-stamping the messages (maybe optionally) so I can quantify this? It's a top-end i7 with loads of RAM and an SSD so the box should not be slow.