The conversion wizard is great, but I think the use case is a little off.

In the real world, conversion of a database from one backend to another is surely NEVER a one-off, a developer is going to convert their application, see how it runs and fix difficulties, change column types etc, and then go back and convert again. This being repeated several times with refinements.

I'd prefer to see a tool that was optionally totally non-destructive, so added all the selected tables to the target database and created a new filelist (and optionally workspace) so that the original data was still usable and the new filelist used the same filenumbers for the new database tables.

It should also be able to take an existing 'old' and 'new' filelist and zap the new tables then do a selective copy_db between the two.

And even better if a set of constraints could be applied to the selected tables.