Because I am wanting to manage Cookies and Sessions a bit differently from a normal WebApp (surprise), I have been tinkering with a way to regularly purge out stale sessions (otherwise my WebAppSessions and WebAppServerProps file grow too big and end up hindering performance).

So in a small test, 2 computers connect and log in. ... They are assigned to Session Keys (Cookies) each... 1 before they sign in and another after they successfully log into the site.
In the attached image, you will see 4 WebAppSession records (2 for each computer - 1 logged in and 1 not logged in)

Furthermore, you will see in the WebServerProps file, there is records set up for each WebAppSession.SessionKey when they are logged in and no WebServerProps file for their SessionKey generated before they have successfully logged in.

What I don't understand is that each computer seems to have generated a WebServerProps record which has a [Key] that does not match any WebAppSession record. What are those 2 "unattached" WebServerProps records about and why are they there without a valid [Key]?

If I don't delete them, then the the list of "unattached" WebServerProp records continue to grow every time a user lands on the Login page (I'm talking thousands of records each day)

Click image for larger version. 

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