Hi all,

If you're receiving this error, the issue is likely one of two things:

1. You're not currently logged into the Learning Center - you must login with your DAID (if you are logged in please try a hard refresh of the browser)
2. The email that you are logged in with does not align with the email used for your Synergy registration

Many people have several Data Access IDs (DAID), so the wrong ID may have been applied to the rights for viewing the presentations. Please login with the same email that you used for your Synergy registration.

If the above doesn't resolve the issue, please reply to the email that was sent today with the link, and we will look into it.

To non-Synergy 2023 participants, these presentations are currently only available to those that were at the event. As is precedent, in a few month's time we will make the presentations available to the entire community.