I'm looking for a way to fix cWebCardContainer height dynamically. Right now, the container uses the height of the tallest card. I would like the container to adapt its height to the current card. Imagine you have a web card that has a height of 60px and another one with 600px. When the 60px card is shown (the 600px one is hidden), a big blank space will be shown below the 60px card (exactly a 540px blank space "reserved" for the tallest card). When the 600px card is shown, everything is okay as it is the tallest one.
It would be great if the card container were automatically resized so that the current card is properly shown (no blank space) and the height of other cards is ignored until they are shown.

I had coded a solution which worked under DF 19.1 but it is no longer valid. Basically, the Show procedure of cWebCard was augmented and it set the piHeight property of the current card to 0 (auto) and the height of every other card to 1 (minimum possible height) and it worked perfectly. Using this solution is no longer valid on newer DF editions as the height is set in the next server call somehow. This generates weird layouts while navigating cards.