Testing the new SQLExecutor with MYSQL Database. I have this in an text file with "Include_Text" as a Constant:

SELECT Name, M_Addr, M_City, M_St, M_Zipcode
FROM BillInfo WHERE M_City = ${City} AND M_St = ${State}

It works fine in the Studio with the "Prepare" and "Execute" in the SQLTester. However, when I run it in my program is does not work. Here is the code in my "wo":

WebGet psValue of oCitySel to sCity
WebGet psValue of oStateSel to sState

Send SQLPrepare of ghoSQLExecutor C_SQLBillInfoList
Send SQLSetParameter of ghoSQLExecutor "City" sCity
Send SQLSetParameter of ghoSQLExecutor "State" sState
Get SQLExecute of ghoSQLExecutor to aTheRows

I get no Rows! What is my problem?