Hello, I have detected a bug which is not new. It affects older DataFlex versions. If you set a SQL filter in a DataDictionary (pbUseDDSQLFilters enabled and psSQLFilter set) and you have a global SQL filter, the global SQL Filter might be bypassed. This might be quite bad specially if you use the global SQL Filter for user rights/multi tenancy/...
// Global SQL Filter code
Set_Attribute DF_FILE_SQL_FILTER of iTable to "<SQL Filter>"
Set_Attribute DF_FILE_SQL_FILTER_EQ of iTable to"<SQL Filter>"
Set_Attribute DF_FILE_SQL_FILTER_ACTIVE of iTable to"<SQL Filter>"

// DataDictionary filter that breaks the global filter
Set psSQLFilter to "FIELD >=0 OR FIELD<=10"
This breaks the global SQL filter. My guess is the psSQLFilter is appended to the global filter by the framework. It should always add "(" and ")" to the psSQLFilter when it has any content, otherwise you might find unexpedted results.
This is easily fixed changing the line
Set psSQLFilter to "FIELD >=0 OR FIELD<=10"
Set psSQLFilter to "(FIELD >=0 OR FIELD<=10)"
but this should be handled correctly by the framework in my opinion.

Note: This already happened in DF 19.1 and is still present in newer DataFlex versions, including DF23.