Hi all

I have this structure.
A -->B-->C
B is head and A is body. C is the customer book.
In A I refer to loading Customers from A (Unrelated) and using
                   Procedure OnPrompt
                      Handle hoPrompt       
                      Get Field_WebPrompt_Object of oCuerpoCo_DD Field CuerpoCo.Cedula to hoPrompt
                      Send Popup of hoPrompt Self
                     Procedure Prompt_Callback Handle hoPrompt
                         Integer iColumn
                         Forward Send Prompt_Callback hoPrompt
                         WebSet peUpdateMode of hoPrompt to umPromptValue
                         Get SelectBestColumn of hoPrompt File_Field cedulasn.Cedula to iColumn
                         WebSet piUpdateColumn of hoPrompt to iColumn 
How to avoid that every time I load a client in the body (A) the client in B does not change?