We are pleased to announce the availability of the release of DataFlex Reports 2023 (v8.2).

DataFlex Reports 2023/8.2 is a service release that includes a number of new features and enhancements as well as bug fixes. DataFlex Reports 2023/8.2 works with DataFlex 2022.

New Features
  • Justified text - The horizontal alignment of text strings has been extended with a justify option. The choice in the common options for an object is now: left, centered, right and justify. With the justified option space is added between words so the edges of the line are aligned with both margins.
  • Enumerate and replace existing page layers in a report - This new feature makes it easier to use a customized page layer in a report. Prior to DataFlex Reports 2023/8.2 page layers had to be added to the report layout at design time and report files needed to be distributed. Now it is possible to design a report with a page layer and replace them at runtime with a customized version for a specific customer/situation.

On top of the new features several bugs have been addressed.

Read about all changes in the readme and the help file provided in the installation.

Click here to Download this latest version