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    Clive is right, it is do with the focus wanting to go the other grid and the current grid wanting to keep it.

    This would generally happen during a save, due to a validation error or clicking no on the verify save dialog, in both cases the current grid wants to keep the focus.

    However as the other grid is trying to take the focus and it's an activeX control, we need to exit the current grid and allow the other grid to take the focus, else all focus hell breaks out.

    But I think I have a solution, does need more testing, so please give it a go and let me know how it works.

    In the attached test view, I have an order header grid (parent) and a order details grid (child).

    In the child grid I use the ShouldCommitOnObjectExit to check what object we're leaving to, if it's the order header grid i'll defer the save and allow the exit. If it's a normal dataflex control then just do the normal behaviour.

    The save is then processed in OnIdle after the focus has been handled.

    Also if we clicked on another row in the order header grid we don't want the row to move, so we'll stop the row changing if there's still change in order detail DDO (must be doing a save), we'll also record the old and new row numbers. These are used in the OnIdle during the actual save to show the correct row beforehand and move the focus to right object afterwards.

    Code below, and test view based on the sacred Order Entry example attached.

    Parent Grid

    Property Integer piOld_Row                      -1
    Property Integer piNew_Row                      -1
    // RowChanging:
    // Augmented to cancel the row change as the order details grid is deferring the save as it's changed and
    // we're not ignoring the changed state so we want to stay on the current row, it's ignored when the save 
    // actually happens
    Function RowChanging Integer iOld Integer iNew Returns Boolean
        Boolean bCancel
         If (pbDeferred_Save(oOrderDetail_Grid)) Begin
            Move True to bCancel
            Set piOld_Row to iOld
            Set piNew_Row to iNew
        Else Forward Get RowChanging iOld iNew To bCancel
        Function_Return bCancel

    Child Grid

    Property Boolean pbDeferred_Save        False
    // ShouldCommitOnObjectExit:
    // If we're exiting to the order header grid and we need to save, we need to defer it and allow
    // and the order header grid to take the focus, else you end up in a focus mess
    Function ShouldCommitOnObjectExit Handle ohDestination Returns Boolean
        Boolean bRetval
        If (Changed_State(oOrderDetail_DD) and ohDestination = oOrderHeader_Grid(Self)) Begin
            Move (False) To bRetval
            Set pbDeferred_Save To True
        Else Forward Get ShouldCommitOnObjectExit ohDestination to bRetval
        Function_Return bRetval
    // OnIdle:
    // Augmented to handle the deferred save after the suppliers grid has taken the 
    // focus
    Procedure OnIdle
        Boolean bCancel
        Forward Send OnIdle
        If (pbDeferred_Save(Self)) Begin
            Set pbDeferred_Save To False
            // Move to the back to the old, visually the row had moved to the new
            // row so we'll put it back so it all looks correct on the screen
            Send MoveToRow of oOrderHeader_Grid (piOld_Row(oOrderHeader_Grid))
            // Save the row and handle the focus accordingly based on the result
            Get CommitSelectedRow To bCancel
            If (NOT(bCancel)) Begin
                Send Activate of oOrderHeader_Grid
                Send MoveToRow of oOrderHeader_Grid (piNew_Row(oOrderHeader_Grid))
            Else Send Activate
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