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    Default 2 cDbCJGrids


    I am having a focus problem with 2 cDbCJGrids. I have simple view with 2 tables Order Header and Order Lines, the lines are a constrained child of the header. I have a grid for the Order Header's and a grid for the Order Line's.

    All the columns in the both grids are enterable.

    I click on an order, and then on one the lines and change the quantity to a negative, which is invalid via validation message.

    If I then click on another order header, it tries to save the line and shows the error which is fine but it moves to the new order I clicked on. Also none of the columns in the order header grid are enterable anymore??

    Anyone run into this and have a solution.

    This is in 19.1

    Attached is a view based on the Order Entry example.
    Attached Files Attached Files

    Thomas Murphy
    Triumph Business Systems Pty Ltd

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