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Hello Giuseppe,

As you probably know DataFlex has a dedicated driver for Pervasive.SQL/PSQL (Dfbtrdrv). This driver does not use ODBC but the PSQL Btrieve API.

In general I would say the Dfbtrdrv is the preferred driver to use with PSQL from DataFlex. The Btrieve API is record oriented similar to the DataFlex database API and will generally provide the best performance.

We do test odbc_drv with various backends (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Orcacle) but not so much where we also have a dedicated driver (like MSSQL, DB2 and PSQL). The idea is in those situations you should use the dedicated driver.

Now, Pervasive.SQL/PSQL is somewhat special as you can use the odbc interface as well. This should just work with DataFlex, but apparently there are some problems with it.

Not sure what is going on in this specific situation, but we will look into it.
What version of PSQL are you using, and what is the version of the PSQL ODBC driver?
Hi Martin,
the PSQL is 13 while the drive is the one included in dataflex 20.1.
Thank You for answer.