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    Default Re: cSigCJReportControl.pkg v22

    Quote Originally Posted by raveens View Post

    I suggest NOT replacing these - as it is causing issues with the standard DAW c(db)CJGrid

        #Replace phoReportRecords                       phoGridRecords            
        #Replace phoReportRecord                        phoGridRecord             
        #Replace phoReportRecordItem                    phoGridRecordItem         
        #Replace phoReportRecordItemMetrics             phoGridRecordItemMetrics  
        #Replace phoReportColumns                       phoGridColumns            
        #Replace phoReportColumn                        phoGridColumn             
        #Replace phoReportColumnOrder                   phoGridColumnOrder        
        #Replace phoReportRows                          phoGridRows               
        #Replace phoReportRow                           phoGridRow                
        #Replace phoReportGroupRow                      phoGridGroupRow           
        #Replace phoReportSelectedRows                  phoGridSelectedRows       
        #Replace phoReportPaintManager                  phoGridPaintManager       
        #Replace phoReportPrintOptions                  phoGridPrintOptions       
        #Replace phoReportNavigator                     phoGridNavigator
        #Replace phoContextMenu_ReportArea              phoContextMenu_GridArea
    How so? I changed them all for alpha 1 and see no issues with the old grids

    EDIT: Sorry, too much easter egg, not thinking clearly. I actually 'search and replaced' rather than #replaced
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