Hi Vincent/DAW,

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Deferred creation makes sense as it causes your programs to start faster.
And when we look at webapps; there are no deferred webviews...
Maybe it is time to look at making webviews deferred too?

Faster start-up of the webapp.exe and lower resource requirement. Although saying that, I guess with WebApp's the UI component (resource usage) is on the Client and not the server.

Yes! I understand why the webapp has to have all the objects defined and created at runtime as user1 could access webapp1 and then subsequently access webapp2, but it is possible as we are using our own version of dynamic objects within our application since df19.0 - you just need to validate the object before trying to access it, and register the forward path (RegisterNavigateForwardPath). I believe DAW's dynamic webObject class would work nicely here.