The wrapper for Codejock 22.0 has been committed.

Class changes to support Codejock 22.0 have been committed.
  • Packages for the Grid control are included - IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you recode your applications to use these when you update to Codejock version 22.0 or later.
  • The Report Control packages have been renamed, suffixed _Pre2200.
  • The original Report Control packages are now stubs that use the correct classes depending on the Codejock version.
  • The Report Control packages include a set of #Replace statement if the “Grid” version is being used, so there is a good chance your applications will compile. If they do not you will need to add additional #Replace statements. I have only included #Replace statements for the items used by the classes and the demo application.
  • There is a compiler warning if your applications are still using the “Report” naming convention and Codejock version 22.0 or later.