We are excited to announce the Alpha 1 release of DataFlex 2023!

DataFlex 2023 extends the DataFlex ecosystem by providing exciting new ways to build windows user interfaces and much more natural ways to execute SQL statements.

The What's New in DataFlex 2023 - Alpha 1 section of the help details all the latest changes in the pre-release build. We've covered the main highlights in the What’s New in DataFlex 2023 (pre-release) Learning Center course and below...


  • DataFlex 2023 introduces FlexTron, which brings Web views and controls into Windows applications, allowing a more modern look and feel or just adding Web features to more mature Windows applications. You can use a single Web control or build entire applications.

New Embedded SQL API

  • DataFlex 2023 comes with a new way to work directly with SQL statements. A new engine for executing statements is built into the runtime that puts result sets directly into native DataFlex types. This means that your results can now go directly into structs, multidimensional arrays and variants with the proper type conversions being done automatically. Parameterized queries now support named parameters and only a single class / object is needed for executing queries.
  • Studio support for working with SQL statements is improved by adding syntax highlighting, code sense and a query test tool for SQL statements.

DataFlex 2023 includes many other features and improvements. Find out more below.

To get started with DataFlex 2023:

We know you'll find working with DataFlex 2023 as exciting as we do!

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