Sorta sorry to hijack the thread but at least I'm on-topic for a change and Happy New Year MArco, you'll be one of the first ones there.

I've been threatening to rewrite our character mode Point of Sale since I started with Kirks 30 years ago. It's fair to say there probably isn't an original line of code standing. This is one of those companies where the requirement keeps changing either as new ideas pop up or as staff, vendors or customers find new wrinkles that make things break; so the program rarely gets much thinking time, its mostly reactive development. POS is therefore one of the last few 'blue screens' standing, there are over 300 windows programs.

The other two developers carry most of the windows workload, and I shoulder the blue-screen burden.

My POS focus over the last 5-10 years has been to refactor the original monolith of procedural code into a somewhat less procedral main loop and a bunch of functions/procedures, then break out most of those functions into about 10 pkg files each containing the funcs relating to a particular phase. Startup, security, payment, printing, etc. The concept being that it should be possible to convert most of each pkg into a standalone exe (or webservice) and use ipc to pass information around.

So the approaches outlined above are very interesting to me. The https requirement for the barcode scanner library has forced me to put up an internal web server so internal web services now become a possibility too.

I'm tempted to break this off into another thread on the topic of new architecture for DF32...