I migrated a 19.1 webapp to 20.1 and all compiled ok

However on first run I got an error re NotifyChangeRights

A comparison to cwebappp pkg showed this change of NotifyChageRights to FireNotifyChaneRights

    // Your user login system should call this whenever the logged-in user changes, or their rights & roles are
    // modified.
    // This sends NotifyChangeRights to the command bar (which will create its own cascade or NotifyChangeRights/OnChangeRights)
    // and then sends OnChangeRights.
    { Visibility=Private }
    Procedure FireNotifyChangeRights
        Handle hoCommandBar
        Integer i iCount
        Handle[] aClients
        // Notify all listners....
        Get paChangeRightsClients to aClients
        Move (SizeOfArray(aClients)) to iCount
        For i from 0 to (iCount-1)
            Send NotifyChangeRights of aClients[i]
        // Notify the command bar...
        Get phoCommandBar of ghoWebApp to hoCommandBar
        If (hoCommandBar) Begin
            Send NotifyChangeRights of hoCommandBar

        // Review: Determine if we should also send NotifyChangeRights/OnChangeRights to all views.
        Send OnChangeRights    // Send to self
Why this change and why no mention of it anywhere?

Secondly Nether of these methods are in the help for cWebApp class

I was using this from login to do what is states it will do in the pkg code