Using the recommended quick method of initialising a struct, so I have

Struct tReceipt
   integer  idsdsd
   string    sdsdsd

Function aaa integer iFile returns tReceipt
  tReceipt tRcpt 
  tReceipt tBlank
  do something to tRcpt
  if good func_return tRcpt
  if bad   func_return tBlank
The same definition is in the calling procedure.
Procedure xxxxx string fName
    tReceipt tRcpt 
    tReceipt tBlank
    Get aaa fname to tRcpt
    if (tRcpt=tBlank) begin //here
       <error> and I get the error whether its blank or not
I can stop on the //here line and see the tRcpt struct has content, but the tBlank struct has nada (in fact hovering the mouse over it in the editor didn't even show it as a struct initially)

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I can obviously just test an element in the structs for presence, but I was wondering if there was a trick to this?