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For the first time in 15 years I didn't renew my subscription. But I still use CodeJock skinning for some projects. Skinning had some problems in the past, but "Windows10.cjstyles" works fine for me and it looks much better than without a skin. This is included with the DataFlex license, so you don't need a CodeJock subscription for that.
Thanks. Regretably I have already renewed under protest, but probably for the last time as I don't think we use anything else. We'll see. I've told the guys they have 12 months to find something cool in Codejock or it's history.

The renewal was such a screw-up! They told me way in advance that the price was going up and I promptly forgot. Then the price went up. However I spotted an error on their website which still showed the old price (it still does) so asked for that. They offered me a 10% discount instead. I promptly forgot again.