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    Default cWebFileUploadForm questions

    DF-19.1 I'm using the cWebFileUploadForm control to upload a file to the server. I have pbAutoStart set to false and a "process" button that calls StartUpload

    1. Some users/customers will click on the process button without having selected a file and if that happens an ugly message shows:
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    To try and intercept the ugly error I tried to get the file name from my process button:
    Get psFileName of oWebFileUploadForm to sTestName
    but that always comes back empty even if I've selected a file using the file selector. How can I get the file name so I can intercept the ugly message? Doing a "WebGet psValue..." just throws an error.

    2. If I select a file and upload it, all is good. At the end of the upload process I send ClearDisplay which clears the field. If I were to click the process button at that point I would expect to get the ugly error since the field has been cleared and is showing "No file selected" but most of the time I get a spinning indicator in the selection window and have to either reset the form or select the file again to fix it. Why click Process when no file has been selected? Because the general user community will do exactly that.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It would seem to me that ClearDisplay should reset the form so that I don't get the cWebFileUploadForm going off into never-never land. Is this a bug?

    3. Is there any way to preset the oWebFileUploadForm with the file name to be uploaded? Doing this might allow me to get past the #1 problem. I've tried setting psFileName per the help but that apparently does nothing in this case, I have to use the actual file selector.
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