When a DF19.1 workspace is migrated to 20.1 what exactly occurs to the workspace itself? When we want to go the other way (from 20.1 BACK to 19.1) what must we do to stop the Studio error citing that more recent version creation and refusing to open it?

And, is there anything additional that must be done going back to 19.1, if the DF20.1 workspace was created in 64-bit?

This is a fundamental question, here's why: It is clear that moving from 32-bit DF 19.1 OEM to 64-bit DF20.1 Unicode is challenging and worth the effort. To make this easier we are (a) migrating DF19.1 code in pieces to DF20.1, (b) learning what needs to be changed, then (c) incorporating those changes back in our DF19.1 code with #IFDEF Conditionals. This at some point, will make the actual transition day much easier. If anyone has a better way that would be great to hear. TIA!!