Hi All

I have a program on the server connecting to an MSSQL instance. Works fine on the server, but from the workstation it fails to find the database.

The following screenshot shows both the error from DataFlex and behind it my testing in PowerShell using first an SQLConnection Open(), then Close() - no errors - and also test-netconnection: all of which looks good to me.

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Why can't my program on the workstation see the database? It is using - AFAICS - the exact same connection string that I'm using on the server (where it works)? The PowerShell test make it clear - to my mind anyway - that the workstation itself can see the database.

DataFlex v20.1. DF installed locally (i.e. on the workstation) - the MSSQLDRV .dll & .int are right there in Program Files (DF20.1\Bin64), as are those for odbc_drv, although the program is being loaded from the server.

As usual, I'm a tad baffled.