Hi -

Version 3.2 running the latest DF 20.1 Images of charts stored in an MS SQL DB are displayed via Entry_Item.

We have 3 machines currently running the app - 2 developers & a QA person. On both developer's machines, the charts display perfectly. On the QA machine, they do not fit the container - cropped on the bottom & right + the image appears bigger.

I see 3 options for peImageStyle: ifOriginal, ifFitOneSide, ifFitBothSides. The container is set to ifFitBothSides. The help does not explain what these mean, so I'm guessing here. As far as I can see, changing between the 3 makes no difference on my machine.

Is there a setting that will "size to container" or the like? The containers are smaller than the image size, as smaller images have lower resolution & don't look great when displayed.

The properties currently set are:

                        Set Server to oHLDImageData_DD
                        Set Location to 5 485
                        Set Size to 192 256
                        Set psToolTip to "Graph"
                        Set peImageStyle to ifFitBothSides
                        Set pcBackColor to (GetSysColor (clBtnFace iand $FFFFFF))
                        Set pbShowScrollBars to False
                        Set pbSelectImage to False
                        Set pbEnabled to False