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    I'm trying to migrate my DynamicAI to a new server. I installed DAI, copied over the dat files and reconnected the database to the new server & everything appeared to be working. The reports were displaying on our web site and the charting worked as expected as well. However, we have an app written in c# that we install that uses these exact same reports. We have a web object and set the url accordingly to whatever report we wish to show. The problem we're seeing is the charts are not showing anymore in the app. Grids & reports display fine but no charts. If we point back to the original server they display. When I try to run the charts and graphs in a plain browser on the new server they also work. The one big difference I see is the versions are different but I can't imagine that's the problem. Is there anything I can check/do to see what the issue might be. I can't seem to debug what's going on in the browser as it's an object in the program that I'm trying to debug.

    A quick edit. I enabled script errors and I'm getting a 'HighCharts error #27: www,highcharts27' on the file ''. Hopefully this will shed some light for someone, I'm at a complete loss.

    Thanks in advance and any help/insight would be grateful,

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