I have a request from a client, he wants to be able to open a particular view, which can be called from other views, with a different current record eventually on each view.
Right now the view is activated always only 1 time, passing the current record selected from the calling view, which works correctly, but he still wants to see the preview record details as well, hence the need to activate that same dbview more than once. As an example, there is a view where the user inputs data for invoicing a client, and at the same time, he needs to be able to see an older invoice from another client's transaction table. Right now the application clears the invoice view, losing the data he was inputting, to activate the same view with the data from the current record from the transaction table. So ideally he wants to be able to have 2 instances of the invoice view, one with the data he is inputting, and the same view with the other invoice record.
I looked into the threads, I couldn't find something related to this, any suggestion on how to do this?
Thank you