Yes, the two combos and the form all have OnChange (the Form optionally uses OnKillFocus instead, depending on pbFilterOnValueChange) procedures which send FilterChange, which in turn does Clear_All of the Server.

The Clear button clears the three others which thus also triggers the FilterChange procedure.

How would you want it to work? You could try just commenting out the "Send Clear_All of (Server(Self)" at line 196 of the pkg, although as that is followed by a "Send Find of (Server(Self)) FIRST_RECORD (Ordering(Self))" it will often do much the same thing. The reason for the Clear_All before it is that I wanted to ensure that child tables (especially using grids) didn't keep old data in them.

I'd be happy to hear nicer solutions and implement them! It is still a bit of a work-in-progress, but it does what I needed.