Besides building wrappers for new controls I also have extended a lot of sub classes.

Here I'm also missing options in the designer.

For example.

For one customer we've extended their controls with a lot of additional tweaking options on standard web objects.

This about things like extra options to remove padding, moving the objects a bit with offsets, adding custom font options, make a label bold etcetera..

Plenty of things that can (and have been) tweaked.

Obviously all those settings are available in the properties once you select the object in the designer.
That's a pretty good start.

What I would also love to have is an ability to make some of those settings more visible by showing it in the designer itself.
So that the designer is showing it more closely to how things look like once you run the webapp.

Right now the designer is a closed box and it would be great if DAW can look into opening up things there over time.
Documentation could help, but a supported way to tweak existing controls or add your own would be fantastic.

Thanks for considering.