Nowadays I'm working on a lot of wrappers for web controls and one of the things that is limiting is the options for hooking your wrapper into the Studio designer.

As long as you have a simple single object control there is no problem.

However if you have a wrapper where you have a control that consists of multiple objects then the options you have to each object accessible in a studio designer are limited.

Your options are to either just only provide direct access to the outer object, or to use either a totally different kind of object in the designer than the one you are using.
eg. the options are:
- A WebList (cWebList and cWebColumn)
- A WebAccordionContainer (cWebAccordionContainer and cWebAccordionCard)
- A WebCardContainer (cWebCardContainer and cWebCard)
- A WebTabContainer (cWebTabContainer and cWebTabPage)

Could we get some more general options where you have an outer control and multiple different objects in it?
Preferably where the objects can be different subclasses too, so not just one kind? Yeah, I know how-to work around that by having a common ancestor class, but it isn't ideal.

Now I regularly use a cWebList for the designer, but that's confusing if it's not actually a cWebList control that is in the webapp.

Would be cool if you could also assign a bitmap to make it more clear what the object(s) depicts, but that is totally optional.