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Thread: OOM Error on 32 Bit before hitting 2GB boundary?

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    Default Re: OOM Error on 32 Bit before hitting 2GB boundary?


    Which is why I said "If what I remember is true" .. and that might be wrong.

    OK.. task manager says this:

    - immediately after reading in the file ==> 270MB in the Working Set column, so that's before calling Base64EncodeUCharArray
    - On the first and 2nd line in Base64EncodeUCharArray ==> 270 MB (looks like no 2 copies yet )
    - After Base64 encode ==> 806MB (which is about 200MB higher than I expected, but OK)
    - On the ResizeArray line with the OOM error ==> 1032MB

    So.. I'm seeing the OOM error on 1GB and not 2GB and I still find that surprising.

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