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    Default SQL Issue

    The issue where Text fields had to be at the end of a eSQL query was solved back in 19.1 or maybe earlier.

    the code when the fix was implemented was as below added to my code
    as suggested by Martin here

         Get SQLOpen of hoConnect to hoStmt
          If (hoStmt<>0) Begin
             Send SQLSetStmtAttribute of hostmt SQLSTMTATTRIB_CURSOR_TYPE SQL_CURSOR_STATIC
    This seems to not be ok in DF20

    This error/issue seems to have crept back into df20 as I have code that executes ok in 19.1 now throwing the Invalid Descriptor index error in DF20 for the same query and the above code no longer allows the query to execute.

    Is this an issue with Argument_Size being removed within df20 or something else?
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