Hi all, not sure if this is in the right forum but here goes. I seem to have a speed issue with Webapp that someone might be able to help me with.

I am exploring Studio 20.1 (64bit/Unicode) under windows 10 using a Postgresql UTF8 database on another server via ODBC 64bit.

I have a single table of country names (approx 250 records).

A simple grid in a windows app runs fine (down arrow scrolls to the last record in the table in about 10 seconds) however the same grid in a web app takes about a second to go from one line to the next. I am at a loss as to know why. I have back ported the same code into a Studio 19.0 32bit install and it runs fine (both windows and web app).

Any ideas will be appreciated. I have checked process pooling and it is set on.

Unrelated but also, I notice that dbbuilder cannot open a table that contains an overlap field in the INT file, it crashes with out error. Presumably this is not supported any more?

Thanks Col.