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    Default Invalid Date Problem

    This may have been answered in another thread but cannot find it. Code:

    Object oTestView is a cWebView
       { WebProperty=Server }
       Property Date pdToday
           Object oWebDateForm1 is a cWebDateForm
               Set piColumnSpan to 0
               Set psLabel to "dateform"
              Set pbServerOnChange to True
              Procedure OnChange String sNewValue String sOldValue
                 Forward Send OnChange sNewValue sOldValue
                 WebSet pdToday of oTestView to sNewValue
           Object oButton is a cWebButton
               Set psCaption to "button"
               Procedure OnClick
                   Date dToday
                   WebGet pdToday of oTestView to dToday   *** This generates an Invalid Date Error!!!!
    With some dates you get "Invalid Date" error (i.e. 07/29/2022), with others no error but you get the incorrect date. Error. What is up with that!!!
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