I have use it (r316 of Tortoise), and in case of interest for anyone:

  1. "Send Method of oObject (oObject(Self))" got changed to "Send Method of oObject oObject)"
  2. "Get Function of oObject (Current_Record(oDD(Self))) (Value(Form1(Group1(Self)), 0)) to nVariable" got changed to "Get Function of oObject Current_Record(oDD)) (Value(Form1(Group1(Self)), 0)) to nVariable"
  3. Send Method to (oObject(Self)) (oObject(Self)). It changes the first Self, but not the second.
  4. "If table.field ne "" Set Value of (Form1(Self)) Item 0 to table.field" got changed to "If table.field ne "" Set Value of Form1) Item 0 to table.field" (Yes, two spaces between "of" and "Form1")
  5. Not a DFRefactor problem: "Get Field_Current_Value of (oDD(Self))Field table.field to sVariable" (it worked) got chagend to "Get Field_Current_Value of oDDField table.field to sVariable" (don't compile)
  6. It doesn't parse commented lines
  7. Send method of (oObject1(oObjectN(Self))). It doesn't detect this. Not a problem, in this case the solution is not only quit (Self).
  8. "Send Method (Value(oObjeto(Self)))" got changed to "Send method Value(oObject)"