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Thread: cWebList Row colours attempt #2

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    Default cWebList Row colours attempt #2

    I hit a dead end on my previous post so I thought I would simplify things and first get the sample in the help under Web Framework 18.0 to produce colours and go from there.
    That did not work. I got no colours other than the standard default foreground and background colours.
    A snip of the resulting screen is attached as NoColours.gif.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    DF 19.1

    Here is my code.
    // TestColours.wo 
    Use cWebView.pkg
    Use cWebPanel.pkg
    Use cWebForm.pkg 
    Use cpblPgaDataDictionary.dd
    Use cWebColumn.pkg
    Object oTestColours is a cWebView
        Object opblPga_DD is a cpblPgaDataDictionary
        Set Main_DD   to opblPga_DD
        Set Server    to opblPga_DD
        Set piWidth   to 700
        Set psCaption to "TestColours"
        Procedure OnLoad
            Send Find of opblPga_DD FIRST_RECORD 1
        Object oWebMainPanel is a cWebPanel
            Set piColumnCount to 12
            Object oWebList1 is a cWebList
                Object opblPga_Code_Num is a cWebColumn
                    Entry_Item pblPga.Code_Num
                    Set psCaption to "PGA Code Num"
                    Set piWidth   to 50
                Object opbl_Pga_Title is a cWebColumn
                    Entry_Item pblPga.Title
                    Set psCaption to "PGA Title"
                    Set piWidth   to 50
                    Set psCSSClass to "DemoColumnTitle"
                Procedure OnDefineRowCssClass String  ByRef sCSSClass
                    String s1
                    Forward Send OnDefineRowCssClass (&sCSSClass)
                    Move (Left(pblPga.Title, 1)) to s1
                    If (s1 < "G")      Move "DemoRowLow"     to sCSSClass // Red
                    Else If (s1 > "T") Move "DemoRowHigh"    to sCSSClass // Green 
                    Else               Move "DemoRowMedium" to sCSSClass // Orange
    Note: Using Debug I determined that OnDefineRowCssClass does not get called.

    Here is my application.css in AppHtml\CssStyle
    #OWEBAPP .DemoRowLow .DemoColumnTitle{
        background-color: red;   
    #OWEBAPP .DemoRowMedium .DemoColumnTitle{
        background-color: orange;   
    #OWEBAPP .DemoRowHigh .DemoColumnTitle{
        background-color: green;   
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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