I'm a long-time DF developer now available for new work - I've worked with all versions from 2.2, both Windows and Web development

My back end experience is mostly SQL with expertise in MSSQL, MySQL and Postgres though the embedded DF database is still useful at times. I've done both new database design and conversion from embedded to SQL with fairly extensive experience working with both embedded SQL and stored procedures.

In addition to typical development work I've converted several character mode systems to Windows and Webapp, mostly reengineering them rather than simply doing a screen-to-screen conversion. A webapp I created provided trucking customers with proof of delivery emails complete with signature and allowed the drivers to photograph damage which got saved back to the server.

Some of the industries I've worked in have been health care, insurance, trucking, time & attendance, manufacturing, training, electronics & appliance service and commodity management. The various systems have been from small businesses up to very large manufacturing facilities.

Reporting - List & Label, DataFlex Reports and of course Crystal.

And when necessary I also work in .Net, C# and VB.

If any of this is interesting, please contact me via the info below or via the forum email, most times one phone conversation is worth many emails.