Hi Michael,

Our kayak is an inflatable one, standing on it is not recommended (unless you really want to get wet)

OK, so I followed the steps from:

First I tried with downloading the code example they had, but it is very much out of date, so plenty of complaints on that one when compiling and trying to deploy that.

Then I figured.. why not follow the steps.
Got the latest parts via nuget, followed the steps, copy & pasted the demo code.. compiled & ran it.
I did _not_ add the custom routes as they suggest to the global.asax, however if I run it in a debugger like so:
https://localhost:43445/api/pdfviewer then I do get the "value1 : value2" result back and I could put a breakpoint on that and I see it stop in the code.

So far.. so good.
Then I took my index.html test that uses the cdn for their javascript part and adjusted the server URL.
This worked very well for the docker server, but not with the compiled code.
I'm getting the following:
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That's a CORS error.
Right.. I remembered they mentioned that in the page, so added the customHeaders bits to the web.config (and the web.debug.config and web.release.config).
None of that makes any difference to the error.
BTW, this is running on IISExpress as is supplied by Visual Studio 2019.

I also don't see a "hit" in the debugger.

Also have tried to deploy to a folder then copy that folder to an IIS server and run there.
Which gave a completely different error, but I suppose that getting it to work on the development box first would make most sense.

FWIW, happy to upload my VS workspace somewhere if that helps.