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    We're looking around for a Pdf viewer to use for a project.
    Around March 2019, I used DAE's wrapper to get this working. DAE supplied a wrapper around pdf.js version 1.1.114 from May 2015.
    When I just checked then it looks like the last PdfViewer from DAE still uses that same ancient pdf.js version.
    In 2019 I upgraded the Pdf viewer to version 2.0.943 from 2018.
    Last version is 2.14.305 from May 2022, so I'm wondering if someone out there did the work already to upgrade it to the latest (or at least something more recent than version 2.0.943)

    The main reason here is that we want the best mobile support.

    Alternatively we're considering to skip the pdf.js wrapper and go straight for the SyncFusion Pdf viewer as that might be easier than upgrading the old wrapper.

    All comments welcome.
    Last edited by wila; 12-Jul-2022 at 08:00 AM. Reason: added link to SynFusion's pdf viewer

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