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    Default Chart inconsisten plotting

    [apologies for the misspelling in the title - should be "inconsistent"]

    Hello -

    DF 21 MS SQL DAW Driver. CJ 18.6.0

    I've got a line chart (well a bunch, but they all have the same issue). Y axis is numbers & it seems accurate. X axis is time & that's where my issue is. This is a chart that is updated dynamically as a test is run.

    We are presetting the X axis to 60 (seconds). The chart is updated roughly every second - though it can vary from .8 seconds to 1.2 or so. This means that the passed X coordinates might be 1.0, 2.1, 3.4, 4.3, etc. The last coordinate passed is always 60.0

    I am passing X & Y coordinates to a procedure:

        Procedure SetDataManual String sXVal String sYVal
            tdSeriesPointValues[] ThePointData
            Integer i iSize
            Get ptData of ghoGraphDataLoader to ThePointData 
            Move (SizeOfArray(ThePointData)) to iSize
            Move sXVal to ThePointData[iSize].sXAxisValue
            Move sYVal to ThePointData[iSize].sYAxisValue1
            Set ptData of ghoGraphDataLoader to ThePointData 
            Function_Return (SizeOfArray(ThePointData))
    The above is setting the struct in cSIGCJGridChartControl.pkg:

    Struct tdSeriesPointValues
        String sXAxisValue
        String sYAxisValue1
        String sYAxisValue2
        String sYAxisValue3
        String sYAxisValue4
        String sToolTipText
    As the line is built we've watched what's passed & as deep as we can get into the control, the #'s match what was originally passed.

    The issue is that the chart line "falls behind" & ends early sometimes - varying between 45 & 60 seconds. Here's one that got kinda close:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	chartshort.png 
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    As we watch it build the line, we can see it falling behind: say the # passed is 30.00, but the chart is only to 28, then 41.2 passed & the chart is at 37, etc.

    We have tried passing integer values and numbers up to 4 decimal places - no difference.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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